Quality from Germany.

German engineering skills and craftsmanship have been recognised the world over for many a year. Long before the "Made in Germany" slogan underlined the fact, WITTE was renowned for its core values such as innovation, accuracy and reliability that are central to Germany. These are virtues that we uphold to the same extent as our commitment to Germany as a manufacturing location – both these aspects are indispensable parts of our identity and quality philosophy.

It all started with a needle

Back in 1785, WITTE started manufacturing needles for textile applications, saddlers and shoemakers. Soon, they were supplying customers worldwide. With production standing at 10 million pins and needles per year at the beginning of the 19th century, by the middle of that century, this expanding family concern was manufacturing two million per day with its staff of 1200 and was a leading producer in its field.

The sophisticated art of the screwdriver

As mechanisation threatened to an increasing extent to replace tailors, saddlers and shoemakers, WITTE had already made itself a name as a manufacturer of tools for the nascent automotive and wagon manufacturing industries. During this period, the company developed the product that has continued to form the main basis of its success right up to today: the screwdriver. Since that initial period, WITTE has continuously perfected that tool like no other manufacturer – with the aid of unrelenting innovation, maximum attention to ergonomic design and materials and, of course, peak quality made in Germany.

Germany's Tool Valley – applying the heritage of the Bergisch Land.

Witte is located right at the heart of the European tool-producing region: on the edges of the Bergisch Land, which is the region that is famous for the centuries-old tradition of wire processing and tool manufacture and still today a pacesetter in the worldwide tool market. WITTE is dedicated to maintaining that heritage.