Stainless Steel tools for Stainless Steel fittings

Today, many high quality products are made of stainless steel
because of its durability and appearance. Products made of
stainless steel require the use of stainless steel fasteners. It is
very important to use a stainless steel screwdriver when working
with stainless steel screws, otherwise extraneous rust, pitting or
corrosion can be caused.

WITTE Werkzeuge MAXX Stainless
screwdriver blades are “Ice-Hardened” for excellent durability in
heavy duty industrial use. Stainless steel meets stainless.

Problem: Extraneous rust

When tightening stainless steel screws with ordinary screwdrivers,
abrasion can be a result, which leads to corrosion in the screw.
Extraneous rust can be caused.

Solution: Using a MAXX Stainless screwdriver from
WITTE WERKZEUGE eliminates the potential for any
extraneous rust and damage







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