Professional application in electrical engineering and electronics

For WITTE WERKZEUGE a major goal for our PRO VDE is to
guarantee maximum safety for working with voltages of up to 1,000.
Ergonomic, force and safety – the PRO VDE achieves best results
in all features. Every safety insulated screwdriver from this series
fulfils the requirements of the EN 60900/ IEC 60900. It is also tested
by further regulations against cold resistance with minus 40 °C
(C marking). In addition, it is tested individually in a water bath at
10,000 volts for the electric strength.

  • Marking of screw type at the end of the handle

  • Soft component

  • Anti roll prevention

  • Multifunctional zone

  • Safety insulation moulded directly on the blade.




Modul Phillips

Modul Pozidriv



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