Working with natural material made from cork

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. These
oaks, which are found mainly in Portugal, Spain and
North Africa can, if given intensive care, grow for up
to 300 years. The removal of the bark does not harm
the trees at all and can only be removed for the first
time after 20 years of growth and then again every 9
or 10 years thereafter. This removal stimulates a steady
regeneration of the bark while at the same time contributing
to the ecological balance in the regions where
it is cultivated.

Due to careful maintenance of existing resources cork is
definitely a material of our age. A new production process
now enables the use of this natural material as a key
component of our handles.

  • natural slip resistant
  • natural easy cleanable
  • natural longevity
  • natural regeneration
  • naturally MAXXPRO nature





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