Radio/Telephone pliers

The straight, 200 mm long radio/telephone pliers from the PRO Series is ideal for fine working and the cutting of wires. Of course Made in Germany, from the matte hrome-plated steel to the two-component grip, which unites exceptional tactile qualities and ergonomics.

 Hands-on and cutting. Long jaws and highquality cutting and easy pressing-closed

 With high-quality and rugged. Two-component grip

 Matte chrome-plated. Slip-resistant ribbing

 Inductive additional hardened cutting

 Perfect for fine work and the cutting of wires

Art.NO. 31530
Length: 200 mm
MH: 2,8
H: 1,8
P: /
Weight: 190 g
MH: 800 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for medium-hard wire / 23 HRC
H: 1,600 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for hard wire / 47 HRC
P: 2,000 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for piano wire / 54 HRC


Quality since 1785