• Black tips
    Accurately finished tips provide peak protection against corrosion and guarantee accuracy and correct fit
  • High-grade steel made in Germany
    Hardened and tempered, extremely tough special steel guarantees optimum force transmission and long service lives
  • Permanent blade identification
    Durable marking on the blade ensures fast, accurate choice of the right screwdriver
  • Slip guard
    No risk of injury from your hand slipping down the handle. The tool lies firmly in the hand.
  • Anti-roll protection
    Three-sided collar prevents the tool rolling
  • Multifunction zone
    Particularly long lower grip zone. For safety when executing fast tightening actions

In daily work environments, the PRO quality series of tools prove their worth over and over again, in particular due to their ergonomic handle shape in conjunction with hardened and tempered special steel. The seamless combination of hard and soft grip materials enhances force transmission, makes handling the tool more satisfactory and reduces strain.

The PRO grip system is based on three grip zones: the rounded triangular form of the upper grip zone enables force to be applied more effectively. The round cross-section in the central section combines firm grip with easier turning in the spin zone. The extended multifunction zone in the lower grip zone promotes faster tightening and loosening action. The three grip zones combine to form a sculpted longitudinal contour and to optimise contact pressure.

The comparison in the illustration shows that the handle sizes of the WITTE Pro series of screwdrivers are perfectly matched to the fastener sizes.

The advantages

  • Optimised force transmission and less work effort due to ergonomically designed handles
  • Matt chrome-plated, permanently marked blades made of hardened and tempered special steel in all profiles
  • Black tips guarantee peak accuracy and correct fit
  • Long-term satisfaction with your tools thanks to premium quality »made in Germany«