VDE Force-increasing side cutters

The force-increasing side cutter MAXX is designed for an extremely long service life. Its cutter of the best steel cuts completely exactly - and permanently. As a result of a particularly good compatibility of ergonomics and an optimised articulated link, amazingly little force is necessary here.

 Cuts soft wire and piano wire exactly and fast

 Two-component grip. Slip-resistant, seamless processed and long-lived

 Cutter of steel of the highest quality. For permanent stressing

 Special Articulated link construction. Lower outlay of energy of up to 20 percent in comparison with traditional side cutters

 Can be retro-fitted with spring



ART.NO: 31502
Length: 180mm
MH: 3,8
H: 2,7
P: 2,3
Weight: 235g
MH: 800 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for medium-hard wire / 23 HRC
H: 1,600 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for hard wire / 47 HRC
P: 2,000 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for piano wire / 54 HRC



Quality since 1785