• Black tip
    Accurately finished tips provide peak protection against corrosion and guarantee accuracy and correct fit
  • High-grade steel that is made in Germany
    Hardened and tempered, extremely tough special steel guarantees optimum force transmission and long service lives
  • Permanent blade identification
    Durable marking on the blade ensures fast, accurate choice of the right screwdriver
  • Slip guard
    No risk of injury from your hand slipping down the handle. The tool lies firmly in the hand
  • Multifunction zone
    The extended multifunction zone allows faster screw tightening and unscrewing
  • Convenient hanging hole
    For best organisation in the workshop
  • Roll protection
    Three-sided collar prevents the tool rolling
  • Soft grip components
    Enhance grip and provide better control of the tightening action
  • Ergonomically shaped triangular form
    Perfect ergonomic design for maximum force transmission

Demanding craftsmen and craftswomen need tools that do not make compromises: MAXX. The sculpted longitudinal contour of the ergonomically designed grips allows high axial forces to be applied to the screw without excessive effort. This generates high contact pressure while effectively preventing cam-out. The soft component on the edges of the grip supports a snug fit and helps to generate maximum torque.

Exclusively available from WITTE: four handle sizes and shapes to match each size of screw head. Our grips are not merely “pinch zoomed” for the next size but individually shaped for the correct contour, centre of gravity and form. The lower the required torque, the more round the grip cross-section to enable faster, accurate turns. The greater the required torque, the larger the grip, so it lies snugly in the hand and guarantees safe, accurate application of force.

The benefits

  • Tried-and-tested three-sided shape corresponds to the hand’s ideal tightening angle (120°)
  • The spin zone made of softer material makes working with the tool faster and more satisfying
  • Matt chrome-plated, permanently marked blades made of hardened and tempered special steel in all profiles
  • Black tips guarantee peak accuracy and correct fit