WITTE INSIDE. If one size doesn't fit all.

WITTE inside – the 360° development concept. The WITTE inside 360° development concept offers private label customers a broad range of options, depending on the degree of differentiation their brand requires: from simplified sets as a starter or extensions of your own tool range through to individualised product solutions developed specifically for you and your customers.
Starting with brand CD and colour shades, grip design and the choice of materials through to deliberate accentuation of certain product features, we can offer you a 360° development concept in line with our motto "The perfect fit for your brand". Let us manufacture the perfect tools that deserve the brand name you have given them. WITTE inside - if one size doesn't fit all.

  • Smart inside
    WITTE’s innovation highlight: special technical solutions for the demanding requirements of your customers.
  • Individually designed multifunction zones
    If desired, your handle shape can be given its own individual multifunction zone: for example, with an integrated collar that prevents the tool rolling, or a slip-guard for outstanding non-slip grip in your customers’ hands.
  • Colours
    In line with your brand concept, we can meet any requirements for a successful choice of colour.
  • Tip profiles
    Accurately finished tips guarantee peak accuracy and correct fit.
  • Branding
    To simplify the launch of your new product, we can offer you a co-branded solution involving our traditional WITTE brand. We are also pleased to label your new product exclusively with your own brand – there are many possibilities.
  • Innovative surfaces
    Soft components for the grip that help control the fastener tightening action, with that additional WITTE plus if required: a patented, non-slip microfibre coating or with inlays made of moisture-absorbent cork.
  • Individual handle shapes
    Depending on the required degree of differentiation for your label, we have a wide range of different handle shapes available – and can, alternatively, work with you to develop a unique design line that will give your brand instant unique identification.
  • Tip identification
    Durable and unambiguous. This helps your customers to find the right screwdriver quickly and safely.
  • Blade identification
    Durable marking on the blade ensures fast, accurate identification of the right screwdriver. Where required, blades can be supplied insulated for working on live components up to 1000 V, tested to  DIN ISO EN 60900.
  • Blades
    Hardened and tempered special steel guarantees optimum force transmission and long service lives.