Force-increasing multi-purpose pliers

The MAXX force-increasing multi-purpose pliers cuts with its extra-hardened cutter soft as well as hard wire. And this with a low outlay of energy. Compared to traditional universal pliers, up to 30% less force required. Furthermore their slip-resistant ribbing makes them extremely hands-on.


 Long, precise cutting. Separates soft and hard wire

 Can be retro-fitted with spring

 Two-component grip. For exceptional hold

 Slim head and waist for best accessibility

 Slip-resistant ribbing and fixed hands-on 4-point burner hole

 Force-increasing articulated link. For significantly reduced outlay of energy



ART.NO: 31512
Length: 180mm
MH: 3,5
H: 2,5
P: 2,0
Weight: 210g
MH: 800 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for medium-hard wire / 23 HRC
H: 1,600 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for hard wire / 47 HRC
P: 2,000 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for piano wire / 54 HRC


Quality since 1785