VDE force-increasing telephone pliers

Perfect ergonomics, slip-resistant materials and a slim head shape with special articulated link, make the 220 mm MAXX force-increasing telephone pliers the ideal pliers for their field of application - even in confined spaces.Round materials can be easily pulled and even sensitive workpieces, such as copper pipes, screw threads and cables, can be worked on Two-component grip without damaging them.

 Jaws flat-round, straight, finely ribbed

 Two-component grip without damaging them. For exceptional hold 

 Shaft profile

 4-point burner hole

 Inductive additional hardened cutting. For permanent sharpness

 Matte chrome-plated with force-increasing articulated link

ART.No: 31500
Length: 220 mm
MH: 3,0
H: 2,0
P: 1,4
Weight: 295 g
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MH 800 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for medium-hard wire / 23 HRC
H 1,600 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for hard wire / 47 HRC
P 2,000 N/mm2 or MPa tensile strength for piano wire / 54 HRC