A unique concept

Four different handle sizes, four different shapes - MAXX - being the
first screwdriver line to take design in completely new ways. The handles
are not scaled sizes, but are designed individually in outline, gravity centre
and form.

The principle hereby is to produce as much ergonomics as possible
with as much ability to transfer force as necessary. The smaller the
handle, the more rounded its shape, this in order to enable the fast, sensitive
turning. The bigger the handle, the more edged its shape is in order to
enable and optimize the ability to transfer force. The three handle materials,
plus that of the blade, have been well chosen, and have been
combined exactly – to give a comfortable and effective working tool.

MAXX is based on scientific research and developments, including, for
instance, the results of a research report undertaken by a German university
on ergonomics which was carried out by their Head of Department.
The result was unique and one which we can be justifiably proud of.

  • The proven triangle shape corresponds exactly to the ideal turningangle of the hand (120 °)
  • Matt chromium plated blades which are permanently etched and
    made of the finest high alloy special steel wire in all profiles
  • Black blade tips for an optimized precision
  • An impact absorbing core
  • A fast turning zone and anti-slip protection in soft plastics
  • Practical bolster hole for storage in the workshop
  • Exceptional anti-slip resistance due to the triangle shaped handle

Available as MAXX, MAXX VDE, MAXX stainless,
MAXX nature and MAXX plus - for use in wet or oily

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