For more mobility and flexible working

Made from sturdy, high-quality plastic modules, the BITCOMMANDER is a practical solution for keeping your bits, sockets, magnetic bitholder and reversible ratchet safe. All the tools included are kept protected and stowed away for easy access. With its handy size and versatility, the BITCOMMANDER is ideally suited to the varying tasks tackled by the discerning craftsman.

Made in Germany: High-quality WITTE INDUSTRY bits

WITTE WERKZEUGE supplies consistently high-quality products for professional craftsmanship that meet the high standards required in industry and the manual trades. All the WITTE INDUSTRY bits included are made exclusively from high-grade raw materials, have a long service life and achieve high torque values well in excess of the DIN standard.

Available in two versions

The WITTE BITCOMMANDER is available in two versions: 

  • 35-piece set, containing a magnetic bitholder, 30 WITTE INDUSTRY bits,   a reversible ratchet 1/4" and three sockets 
  • 20-piece set, containing a magnetic bitholder, 15 WITTE INDUSTRY bits, a reversible ratchet 1/4" and three sockets





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