Groove joint pliers

The PRO groove joint pliers enables particularly rapid and reliable working. The adaptation to the workpiece is implemented by means of fast-ratcheting and is done with a hand-twist. The through-inserted articulated link and the additional hardened teeth are securely hands-on - thanks to the slim form of the tool also in confined construction spaces.


 Self-tightening on pipes and nuts - secure and force-saving

 Slim and nevertheless robust, thanks to best chrome vanadium steel

 Hands-on Teeth additionally hardened

 Articulated link through-inserted and permanently reliably

 Fine adjustment. Fast-adaptation to the workpiece without pushbutton

Art.NO. 31533
Length: 250 mm
R: 1/8“ - 1 1/4“
S: 6 - 38 mm
Weight: 350 g